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Few Changes For Tax Year 2022

Few Changes for tax year 2022


  • Some tax credits return to 2019 levels. This means that affected taxpayers will likely receive a significantly smaller refund compared with the previous tax year.
    • Those who got $3,600 per dependent in 2021 for the CTC will, if eligible, get $2,000 for the 2022 tax year.
    • For the EITC, eligible taxpayers with no children who received roughly $1,500 in 2021 will now get $500 in 2022
    • The Child and Dependent Care Credit returns to a maximum of $2,100 in 2022 instead of $8,000 in 2021.
  • No above-the-line charitable deductions. During COVID, taxpayers could take up to a $600 charitable donation tax deduction on their tax returns. However, in 2022, those who take a standard deduction may not take an above-the-line deduction for charitable donations.
  • More people may be eligible for the Premium Tax Credit
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Are there tax rules that apply to cryptocurrency?

What exactly is cryptocurrency? defines cryptocurrency as follows: “a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.”


A few examples of cryptocurrency are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lightcoin. The IRS needs to know about any digital currencies that you own. If you have chosen to invest in or utilize digital currencies, you should report them on your taxes. However, it isn’t what you think.


With cryptocurrency, there are no banks involved in transactions. Instead, there is an enormous database known as a Blockchain. The Blockchain functions as a secure means for peer to peer transactions.


The Internal Revenue Service sees cryptocurrency as property. Hence, there may be implications regarding any capital gains. Thus far, the IRS has yet to provide a whole lot of guidance about crypto and tax laws, but they are indeed checking on all digital currency. The IRS has already requested that Coinbase show data on all its 13,000+ users. If you are selling, buying, or trading crypto currently, all these activities have capital gains implications. In the event you are paid in crypto, you must report that as income.

The following are several things to be mindful of. Trading crypto produces capital gains and losses. Exchanging it is to be treated as though it is being sold and is subject to capital gains. If crypto is used to pay for goods or services, it is to be reported as income. Spending crypto is a taxable affair and is treated as a capital loss or gain. In conversions of crypto to paper capital, it counts as capital gains. The mining of coins is seen as income equivalent to the fair market value of the crypto coins. Cryptocurrency is quickly gaining popularity, and its values continue to increase. Once again, there are no banks involved in crypto, but don’t try to conceal it from the IRS. Be cognizant that cryptocurrency is considered as income, so always treat it accordingly.

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Certified Public Accountant

Does your small business need a CPA?

Do you need a Certified Public Accountant? Yes!

You have invested significant time and resources into your business idea. If you’ve not yet made the leap from your business idea to the realization of it, input from Kim Rozier, CPA is invaluable. An independent professional will review your numbers and help you realize your company’s full growth potential. We can help you find the best structure for your new business that reflects the market, your proficiency and your goals for the future. Business decisions have tax consequences, and it pays to be informed.

A better understanding of complex tax returns, estimated tax payments and auditing arms you with the knowledge to succeed and a CPA can aid you in covering all financial bases. Understanding the intricacies of your company’s financial information will lead to profitable viability.

Kim will help you better understand the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing equipment versus leasing, dealing with an IRS audit, and setting up your corporation to be passed on to the next generation when you wish to retire. Will you choose to hire employees or independent contractors? She will be able to tailor your tax needs depending on your location, growth and experience. Call Kim today! We want to be a part of your growing business. If you need a Certified Public Accountant, Rozier is your firm!

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