TAX SCAMS AND IDENTITY THEFT- Ways to protect yourself:

Tax scams and identity theft are on the rise. It is quite unfortunate that identity theft and other financial scams are such a concern for everyone these days. However, there are ways to protect yourself. Don’t be duped by criminals who want to steal your funds or steal your identity. Let’s talk about some ways to remain safe and protect yourself. Every year, the IRS lists a compilation of the twelve most prevalent tax scams (called the “Dirty Dozen”). There are programs like Entegra Bank’s CardValet service that help protect consumers from fraud and theft. Keep your hard earned money out of the pockets of scam artists and black hat hackers. Beware of online phishing. Phishing can be done through phony E-mails or fake websites. Be careful to never reveal any personal information to someone you don’t know. It is sometimes challenging to identify which websites are legit and which aren’t. But remember this- the IRS never contacts taxpayers via E-mail. If you ever receive an E-mail which says that it is from the IRS, don’t click on it. Just delete it. In addition, the IRS never makes first contact over the phone. They send taxpayers an official correspondence through the mail. If you think that the call may actually be legitimate, hang up and call the IRS back at (800)829-1040. If there really is a tax related matter that needs to be addressed, the IRS employees will be able to help you. ID theft is on the rise. Always be alert and protect your family’s PII (personally identifiable info), like your Social Security number, where you are employed, tax ID numbers, etc. If you are concerned, there is software available on the market specifically for identity protection. Whether you prepare your taxes yourself or if you hire someone, do your research first and make certain that you are giving your personal information to a reputable, responsible person or organization (like Rozier). These are but a few examples of ways that you can protect yourself and your loved ones. If you employ a professional CPA like Rozier, you can avoid tax scams and other tax related problems. Call Rozier today for all your tax needs!

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