Regardless of whether one is independently wealthy or not, all of us want to protect the ones we love. We are already busy in everyday life, planning such simple things as meals, events, appointments, etc. Although it is not necessarily a pleasant subject, it is critical that we think about the legacy we will leave to our family when we pass. Why is it important to make plans for our loved ones if something happens to us?

Planning your estate will help your relatives by preventing any disagreements or quarrels regarding any existing property or capital. Making plans that are set in stone gives you confidence and control over the inevitable. If someone becomes incapacitated somehow or passes on, having a specific plan and directions will alleviate stress off of your family. You have the power to appoint the executor yourself, and all of your assets will be handled in a manner consistent with your wishes. Another reason why planning is vital is because you can prevent your heirs from having to pay exorbitant taxes. There are federal and state estate taxes, as well as inheritance taxes. In the absence of an estate plan, your relatives may have to pay higher taxes due to the inheritance.

It is a myth that only affluent individuals need proper estate planning. People from various socio-economic backgrounds truly benefit from it. Middle class families may have investments in real property, the stock market, and so forth.

We are given peace of mind knowing that the people closest to us will receive these benefits. Estate planning helps us to avoid unnecessary complications in court as well as other related hassles. Some young families have young children. In the event that one of the breadwinners are no longer present, one would naturally want one’s children to be protected. In addition to the dispensation of any property, there may also be the issue of who will be responsible for raising any children under the age of 18. Planning these things out beforehand will help prevent any unnecessary court related entanglements. Do not leave things to chance. Prepare today for the future, and rest assured that your wishes will be carried out according to your own plans.