Do you need a Certified Public Accountant? Yes!

You have invested significant time and resources into your business idea. If you’ve not yet made the leap from your business idea to the realization of it, input from Kim Rozier, CPA is invaluable. An independent professional will review your numbers and help you realize your company’s full growth potential. We can help you find the best structure for your new business that reflects the market, your proficiency and your goals for the future. Business decisions have tax consequences, and it pays to be informed.

A better understanding of complex tax returns, estimated tax payments and auditing arms you with the knowledge to succeed and a CPA can aid you in covering all financial bases. Understanding the intricacies of your company’s financial information will lead to profitable viability.

Kim will help you better understand the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing equipment versus leasing, dealing with an IRS audit, and setting up your corporation to be passed on to the next generation when you wish to retire. Will you choose to hire employees or independent contractors? She will be able to tailor your tax needs depending on your location, growth and experience. Call Kim today! We want to be a part of your growing business. If you need a Certified Public Accountant, Rozier is your firm!